Test Your Gaming IQ

How this page works: get a piece of paper and a pencil, when you answer a question write down the answer, check the answers at the end add points as needed.

Level 1 Basic simple as 1+1

1. Which of these is not a Charlie the Unicorn episode?
a) Banana King
b) The Snowman
c) Num Num Land
d) Candy Mountain

2. Who says "You'll wake the Omo."?
a) A guy from Charlie the Unicorn
b) A guy from The Simpsons
c) A guy from Family Guy
d) Batman

3. Which of these is not a Funkey?
a) Gobble
b) Lotus
c) Pyro
d) Webley

4. Who gets sucked into 'The Vortex'?
a) Spiderman
b) Ron Weasley
c) Bart
d) Yamuminafridge

5. Who isn't playable in Super Smash Bros Brawl?
a) Olimar
b) Snake
c) Waluigi
d) Lucario

6. What is not a level name (cheat code) of one of the levels in "the classroom"?
a) The Fight
b) The Bomb
c) The Flame
d) Bastards

7. Who are the Mario Bros
a) Mario and Luigi
b) Wario and Waluigi
c) Peach and Daisy
d) Waluigi and Peach

8. What is the name of ninjas that are the grey, hold phones and wear scarves in ninja town?
a) Forest ninjas
b) Anti ninjas
c) Ninja Dropping
d) Business ninja

9. What is the Wii remote referred to in Wario Ware Smooth Moves?
a) Balance Stone
b) Form Baton
c) Magic Stick
d) Holy Pole

10. In the Simpsons Game, who creates Futurama characters to fight Bart?
a) Matt Groening
b) God
c) 8-bit Simpsons
d) Will Wright

Level 2 Easy Just that bit harder

11. In LEGO Batman DS, where do you go to play villain mode?
a) Joker's house of cards
b) Arkham Aslym
c) Scarecrow's garden
d) The badlands

12. In WII Sports resort, which of the following is not a swordplay event?
a) Speed Slice
b) Deul
c) Quick Cut
d) Showdown

13. In Wario Ware Smooth Moves, what hits the alien's space ship?
a) Form Baton
b) Asteriod
c) Wario
d) Balance Stone

14. What are the most powerful stars in Super Mario Galaxy?
a) Grand Stars
b) Star Bits
c) Power Stars
d) Goombas

15. On VG cats, what is the boy cat's name.
a) Leo
b) Sam
c) Bob
d) Pantsman

16. If I was walking around and I saw Varrok, then I used a home teleport spell and ended up in Lumbridge what game would I be playing?
a) Ninja town
b) Runescape
c) The Simpsons Game
d) Lord of the Rings Online

17. In Ninja Town, which token hurts enemies?
a) Baby Ninja
b) Ninja Dropping
c) Super Ninja
d) Ninja Consultant

18. In LEGO Indiana Jones on PS3, who can you unlock by finding hidden characters?
a) Blade Runner
b) Harry Potter
c) Batman
d) Han Solo

19. In Poptropica, what is the color of the writing on the blimp?
a) red
b) yellow
c) green
d) blue

20. What is the name of the gym leader in Pastoria City Gym?
a) Crasher Wake
b) Smasher Sam
c) Basher Bob
d) Lasher Larry

Level 3 Medium Now you may actually get some wrong

21. If I fought a ghost pirate called Lechuck, what game character would I be playing as?
a) Samus Aron
b) Guybrush Threepwood
c) Super Mario
d) Charlie the Unicorn

22. Which number episode of the retarded policeman is called Assburger Syndrome?
a) 6
b) 9
c) 12
d) 15

23. In Super Smash Bros Brawl, who is the final boss?
a) Tabuu
b) Bowser
c) Bowser Jr
d) Monty Mole

24. Which of these Bio-powers is not a single target attack?
a) Fire breath
b) Sonic Pulse
c) Slow

24. Which of these Bio-powers is not a single target attack?
a) Fire breath
b) Sonic Pulse
c) Slow

25. In the game Ninja Town, which ninjas slow enemies?
a) Brown Ninja
b) Purple Ninja
c) White Ninja
d) Red Ninja

26. In Scribblenauts, What is the name of the last world?
a) Mish Mash
b) Wish Wash
c) Slish Slash
d) Dish Dash

27. In the powder toy, how does 'NEUT' effect 'PLUT'?
a) It makes everything around it freeze
b) It gets very hot and burns through most solids
c) It evaporates
d) 'NEUT' and 'PLUT' don't exist 

28. In WII LEGO Indiana Jones-The Adventure Continues, what is the first unlocked world?
a) Raiders of the Lost Ark part 1
b) The Crystal Skull part 1
c) The Land of the Lost Llama part 1
d) The Last Crusade part 1

29. In stress reducers, which of the following is not a stamp?
a) Bunny Rabbit
b) Pig
c) NO Atom Bombs sign
d) Music Note

30.Which of the following is not an original name for the 4 enemies in Pacman?
a) Inky
b) Clyde
c) Pinky
d) Kinky  

Level 4 Hard You will probably get at least one wrong

31. What mode of transportation